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Slivers of Clarity in a Cancerous Dream

Mostly I want to have a funeral by the river

All your magic wrapped up in white sheets. …

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What Could Make Such a Nice Pretty Girl Go Mad?



He never means to hurt just like little boys don’t mean …

Think Of Me As the Train Goes By

Written while listening to that song “Green Grass” by Cibelle


You crackle in …

Lunas 2: Spirals Within the Unconsummated Lust

We shouldn’t drink on empty stomachs like that. It was her idea. She’d rather float away quickly, than drink for …

Lunas: 1. The Dimensions of “IF”

If only one’s whole life could consist in certain moments. Moments like, the 10 minutes after she tells me she …

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6 Minute Massage

Warning: spicy explicit content

One touch is enough to rupture.

and The Love is within me. It compels …

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“Whenever There Was You” 3/10

I was so intense that I exhausted you
And made you think it was love

that wore …

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“Whenever There Was You” 2/10

The most attractive lighting is that which is commingled with the dark;
a …

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Whenever There Was You 1/10

And then there were gaps in between when we’d stop breathing.
That perfect relaxation of …

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Learning Ancient Languages

Reaching out is all we have left to remind us our arms are made of connective gold