“Whenever There Was You” 2/10


The most attractive lighting is that which is commingled with the dark;
a brush of gold leaf wiped against a Jet black veneer. The perfect coupling.
I asked you to watch out for me when this dream stopped, and we had to end it.
You agreed, cynical as the color blue shining across a body of cold sea glass.
I know I should have asked for more light
but hell if your dark wasn’t the most addictive slice of disaster
I’ve ever wanted to ingest without an antidote.
I was careful to curb the urge to beam as I indulged in our last days
as one human,
the dying  do not often welcome the end.
Coming to this final realization with you
was the first time I could ever be a corpse covered in glorious Magnolias
lying next to a skeleton with ripe pink roses growing up through his eyes
each lingering look from you blossomed me
and where there was you
things always grew.



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