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Where Are Your Coins, Sis?

I’m a hotMESS! Apparently most millenials with ambition and passion are. We want to do everything now and ANYthing that …

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The Universe Expansion Pack

Help me experience the resilience of the human spirit rather than the weakness I am used to.

I …

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There’s a Leak in This Old Building


The last thing my mother said to me before sunset

Was to be …

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​”The Guillotine Hymn”

Separating the head from the thoracic cavity
scraping the frothed up mold from the meat …

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“Whenever There Was You” 3/10

I was so intense that I exhausted you
And made you think it was love

that wore …

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“Whenever There Was You” 2/10

The most attractive lighting is that which is commingled with the dark;
a …

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 Lemons, and Love, and Never Leave

In this scene Raz arrives to Pangea’s rented cottage-style house on a humid Spring afternoon that threatens …

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Night Skinned Nubia and the Black Prince

In the beginning, there was Black. As it often is

Black as the ancient history to …

The Universal Letter


If I am in over my head, and you are not interested in me any more please …