Night Skinned Nubia and the Black Prince


In the beginning, there was Black. As it often is

Black as the ancient history to everything that ever was

Black like royal and calls to darkness behind sky skin.

Dark as melanated dominion

That’s what we looked like

Two people made out of night

Two skies ain’t never needed daylight just time

To create a time gap where the world sits still at your feet you need the following things:

3 months

2 ink hearts made for break but black as the bottom of a Mississippi delta

137 full moons

1 virgin

1 man that denies himself until his bones start popping under temptation

When his intentions visited the temple of my inexperienced body

The Orishas gathered around me to rejoice

A night skinned Nubia, thick legs, and cotton hair

Stood proud as a monument’s arrogance

I grew ten heads taller past skyscrapers in East Manhattan

My heart spilled out some ink, and the world was written over

It was revised to fit my time gap and that of my beloved

The Earth adjusted

Under a licorice flavored sky and burnt up preconceptions that said

Perfection could only come…..

If he did

Penetration never activated relationship

It was the 137 cursed moons that damned two ancients to love so hard the world ended.

As it always ends.

In Royal Black.

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