What Could Make Such a Nice Pretty Girl Go Mad?



He never means to hurt just like little boys don’t mean

to pop off the heads of barbie dolls

but they do mean it.

the sinched waist and little plastic breasts

the shock of curly shiny hair framing her face


this is not an action figure.




maybe she should have celebrated the festival of self promiscuously!

violent with these stereotypes and vicious with that tongue

unapologetic to the maleness

that should worship her daily

as opposed to the other way around



For Him it is a conquering, but

women can’t invade you

women are like you

growing from and beside themselves,

fragile stems exposed to a world that secretly hates flowers.

cuts them for their beauty

tramples them without thought.


women are like you

soft, sad, sweeping up pieces of themselves

from underneath a stapled down tongue

women are used to shutting up and accepting

letting resentment squeeze their stomachs like a rotting LAP BAND


but you never shut up

he can see guts

as they swell from pressure

erupt from the throat



you leave a good love softer…not hardened.

but you will  leave this one







The answer is somewhere in there.  When the brain works in spirals and binds itself in fragmented notes, it’s a spiral bound brain with torn pages. Remember what your high school notebook looked like by the end of the year? if you could’ve even still called it a notebook.


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