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What Could Make Such a Nice Pretty Girl Go Mad?



He never means to hurt just like little boys don’t mean …

Snake Vow

All I know is

there was once a pair of 20somethings

Who thought it would all …

Why Does He Need to Travel Without You?

If your man is a real independent gent, you may have issues when it comes to what you do as …


he doesn’t want to see men kiss

or “ugly, fat” women kiss

only the heterosexuals …

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There’s a Leak in This Old Building


The last thing my mother said to me before sunset

Was to be …

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Married Without a Boat

But you will attempt to learn him like Grandmama’s memory Bible verse

Black Leather bound and …

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For Wives Built to Collapse 3

Fear of loss whispers beneath the pulse of love

I guess.

But what of …

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There’s too much illness in the New World for Miss Liberty to function. After having led all the captives …

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One Day Without a Crisis

I’ve begun tracing the outline of every scratch I’ve left on your back

lover’s scratches are …