For Wives Built to Collapse 3

Fear of loss whispers beneath the pulse of love

I guess.

But what of valuing her sacrifice?

What of taking that cling for devotion instead of weakness?

What of seeing the stupid shit you do as shit you just shouldn’t do without having to be put in check over it.

Beautiful black man,

You want the best for her independence 

You want to be unsure that your mistakes will be forgiven

This fire is fifty percent of what will keep you honest (love is the other half)
Though good for her personal growth

One has to wonder at the thoughts that go through a woman’s mind once she knows her husband is not 

Afraid enough of losing her.

Well first she looks at her options…an abundance 

Then her appearance… Well over adequate

Her age… appropriate for doing just exactly what the fuck she wants

She chose a ring over all this because it symbolized an eternal fear for fear of loss

But apparently that is not enough

It’s not enough

You’ve not seen her temptation

Her resistance

Witnessed her brazen need unraveling by the rind

Revealing white hot possibilities of what she could be doing

Should be doing at 25…she gave up 25 for you

And virginity, and one night stands, and passion, and experimentation, and a lover, and a lover…and another lover.

Though you love her, and it’s working at the moment 

That other half moon, half feeling you have

That is fearless as a wolf

Not afraid of her walking away…

I wouldn’t be too sure about that

Your comfort will kill you

I would observe a little closer

Don’t  be too overly secure 

That shit works both ways you know.

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