Pain to Love and Love to Leave

Watch me shift 

Look at all this dark made bright light

To me, Grief and Love are the same beautiful

Both have unraveled the twine that bound my organs to their rightful spots

I run hot 

like a bad engine. 

Listen to the creaks of my temple

If you’re quiet, sometimes you can still hear Him. 

Sometimes history starts over. Sometimes it’s impossible to escape the metronome, and sometimes you do it to yourself all over again.

And there is no one to blame.

We’ve got no choice but to transform and move, you know.

As hard as that is, once we do it it’s forever.

A grudge from the depths of everything we have ever wanted 

Move. Transform. Live.

Cruel to them is self preservation for people like us who were sprouted into November and October like cherry colored leaves.

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