“When Love is Virginal”

I love you to the edges of every corner of this Earth

My love is a waterbirth

A natural labor in magnificent pain

But I’m unashamed, because I’m human

And restrained. The difference is now I can control it

I can love you at night when the rain is violent and things are shaking

I can love you from your little cage in my 18 layer heart

I can love smart, Unconditional, and unpassioned.

A love that keeps its clothes on and legs closed, arms open. Fall to me call to me, give it all to me

I am the alcoholic now obsessed with the bottle of Genie instead of Gin

You’re integrated into my skin. Largest organ, and inescapable as itchy as you might be

People live with anxiety and it becomes a way of life

You are a way of life and Whatever it brings

I Love you prepositionally: in, out, around, and through things.

I love you the way the moon completes its cycle: natural as mothers milk, honey, strong, and menstrual.

Pragma. PHILIA, Beloved muse.

There isn’t much you can do about it.

cut yourself. grab a rib, pull out the dripping blood bone

Shave your head and talk backwards

Go to jail and come back six times more broken than you already are, and you are still welcome at this table

We can say grace again. This time I won’t pull back my hands so quickly

Its just I’m still getting used to the surges.

Of this friendly connection.

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