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Something to Prove

I would give you a kidney
and maybe a lung
but because I want to keep my teeth, …


he doesn’t want to see men kiss

or “ugly, fat” women kiss

only the heterosexuals …

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6 Minute Massage

Warning: spicy explicit content

One touch is enough to rupture.

and The Love is within me. It compels …

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There’s too much illness in the New World for Miss Liberty to function. After having led all the captives …

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Whenever There Was You 6/10

You and I seasoned the Earth with enough passion to poison.

The willow leaves curtained in …

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“Whenever There Was You” 5/10

Something happened in LA that made you so excited

That you attacked me for the first …

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“Whenever There Was You” 4/10

That entire month was a 6 ring circus.
Do you know how much fire I had to …

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 Lemons, and Love, and Never Leave

In this scene Raz arrives to Pangea’s rented cottage-style house on a humid Spring afternoon that threatens …

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Hi, I’m a Supercontinent


I was named after something large that broke into many small things

My …

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I slept on the floor.

Before… I spent all that time purifying myself and ended up naked on our alter. Upon coming …