To the Wives Built To Collapse


What is in there that you’re trying to smoke out?

What happened in Memphis to make this simple thing so complicated that you can’t articulate it

do your visions of real  possibility, and left over fantasy from Mizz Twerk Sumn collide to make an effigy your member wants to stand on?

are you lusting other women and trying to suppress it?

or one specific woman you’re picturing naked?

are you in that seat that’s not quite guilt but on the cusp of Single-man-envy

where every memory seems to crawl back into beds warmed over in orgasm and sweat

have you gotten off to them yet? The thoughts that haunt but soothe at the same damn time

The notions of woman, upon woman, from grocery store, the club, at work, at church, Vegas, Atlanta, and  the Dirty south…

The one from the past you never talk about

do you imagine yourself in her mouth?

This is every married woman’s gentle nightmare only bested by the ACT of cheating.

yet every married woman with this problem has chosen to marry a straight man with two testicles and a taste for meat.

not all of them have a pride complex and not all of them would sacrifice the forever for the temporary…not all of them are broken

you are not broken…

and though I don’t know what you are I won’t stop hard loving you, or understanding you.

I won’t stop clipping the wings from my fears and emotions build for flights into hell…to hear you clearly.

Too many colors here, too much potential here

My love is too alive to have to bury beneath under our officiant’s feet.



2 thoughts on “To the Wives Built To Collapse

  1. Wow, this is incredible. Your words are so powerful and honest. I applaud you for not holding back and speaking the truth, even if it’s not pretty. Keep writing. Wish you all the best – speak766


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