To Those That Live on the Surface


Surely there’s less oxygen down here, but its nice. Dizzy. Nice.

Somehow the further inside the earth you are, the closer you are to evil

Perhaps the devil lives in the crust

But don’t worry…this lust is only about six feet in

And we aren’t corpses, we are time capsules aiming to dream the past back to life

The soil is not the only hot, wet, fertile.

The sensuous pin prick of teeth biting the bit of skin behind the ear, right at the throat, inside the left thigh…

I can feel our dirtiest intentions between your fingers:  lace too delicate too touch

Welcome to gluttony. An underground bunker of thick haze and desire, days spent without shower water, but plenty of moisture

welcome to consumption: a perpetual act of MORE. More flesh! my wildhearted zombie.

More blood! my Vamp prince,

more meat! Mr. Strange and beautiful barefoot werewolf King.

here it is. Everything that wasn’t when it should have been…all here for the taking

So take? eat?

This is not my body, this is a spiritual experience that my ancestors can feel







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