Awake. alive. old loved. still loved. broken. abandoned. resilient. sacred. whole. determined. beautiful. sacrificial. intelligent. dangerous. healing. strong. black. Time.
He lives in one word sentences.
But the artist, she insisted on keeping this complicated.
without complication there is silence.
no in between for Flood and Night
it’s either tragic or quiet enough for us to hear the breathing of the dead.
safe or sin or explosion.
that’s what happens when ancients meet in the same era.

The artist’s cycle synced up with the full moon for the first time.
This was the same night that fruit would not stop falling from her hands.
she threw words into space and sometimes
someone answered from a spaceship.
a cosmic call and response.
she had no children that month
and the words flooded for 18 or 19 cycles.
the last word was “goodnight.”

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