“How to Unpin a Curse”

I too understand what it is like to peel the regret from your skin until you are nothing but raw moist patches.

I too once looked down and saw myself unsewn and bloody.

But you are dark, and gold, and soul, and ancient

You are Stonehenge and a sundial of the Earth

You are a force, a scepter in an empty throne room, a King

That is why you are still weaving magic with your broken hands

That is why you ache but still climb

That is why you hunger but feed the greedy and the needy

That is why you humble when you could light this sh*t on fire

That is why you die but you are still here to tell the story

That is why if you change for the worst, the Earth

Will notice.

You are too powerful to vice yourself out of future blessing

Drift Beloved. Let the water hold you.

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