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Lunas: 1. The Dimensions of “IF”

If only one’s whole life could consist in certain moments. Moments like, the 10 minutes after she tells me she …

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 Lemons, and Love, and Never Leave

In this scene Raz arrives to Pangea’s rented cottage-style house on a humid Spring afternoon that threatens …

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One Day Without a Crisis

I’ve begun tracing the outline of every scratch I’ve left on your back

lover’s scratches are …

“Confessions of Never Been Pregnant”

I’m afraid for my body. I was born to share it with something. To someday support the breathing of a …

Berlin the Terrible


The star strewn sky wept for Veda. A lace of spotted white sparkles, curling into the corners …

Silk Hands Without Fingers 2/18

Touch me and die.

One hundred little deaths convulse in a circle 

The cycle of this …