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Where Are Your Coins, Sis?

I’m a hotMESS! Apparently most millenials with ambition and passion are. We want to do everything now and ANYthing that …

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Self-Care Channel?

Apparently it takes about 2 months for me to storyboard the 26th year of my life. But I …

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My First Vape Escape

So I live in panic attack city….aaaaaand it sucks here.

Yesterday I was doing research on the different …

Help! I’m 26, WTF Do I Do!?

1 . Know that you’re not F**king your life up unless you’re knowingly into something you shouldn’t be:  …

2018 Goal Check-In

Hi! What’s going on with you so far this year?

Something to Prove

I would give you a kidney
and maybe a lung
but because I want to keep my teeth, …

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When it is, most of the time it isn’t.

is it?

when you think …