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Snake Vow

All I know is

there was once a pair of 20somethings

Who thought it would all be okay.

One day there was a commitment to an undying

Tying of life and knot and future and future and future

Just like that

A happily ever after landed feather and dust onto the banister that balanced

These bouncing beloveds

Betrothal was a blast until

Like a thief in broad daylight

A serpent came in (here, that’s a metaphor for either “fate” or the “devil”… can’t remember which)

Anyway this thing slid in and poisoned the man this time (in the most Eden of ways)

He got so sick that the woman, being as healthy as a horse, showed symptoms as if she’d also gotten infected

Soon the two were so bound, gagged, and flogged with delirium

They did not recognize each other

Could not remember how they’d gotten together in the first place.

Slowly the man healed

Though Forever changed, he’d almost made a full recovery. (When men recover from snakes in a relationship… it’s almost like it never happened!)

Sadly, even though the the woman’s symptoms were psychosomatic, she became completely incapacitated

A catatonic invalid only good

For body heat

For decoration

A reminder that, should the man find another

Live one,

He should make sure to be cautious around gardens and swamps

No matter how tempting.


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