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Slivers of Clarity in a Cancerous Dream

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Mostly I want to have a funeral by the river

All your magic wrapped up in white sheets.

Everything I am now will be fastened around it tight enough

for you to finally be the one left breatheless

at the ceremony.

Even though you and I did not survive here

to dwell on this is the same as giving up

on the things that did grow during our estrangement:

a bouquet between razor wire, a few babies, a school of tomato fleshed fish

a God, a moment at the crest of the sea where the sand goes so soft it might swallow you,

a footrace over hot coals, a dance in ending in hysterical laughter and tears.

as we lay down in the impossible

to be buried beneath reality

say Goodnight to me and really mean it.

Say so that i can let you go

and go back to sleep

for the burial.


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