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Hi, I’m a Supercontinent

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I was named after something large that broke into many small things

My mother changed the spelling because she wanted to call me Gia for short

I am small but when I break I swell large enough to pray for explosive release

A supercontinent is supposed to be forever, but I am sometimes.

Sometimes when I hurt, I bleed on purpose and blame it on the shift in fault lines

Sometimes when I cry I flood myself over until there is mold on my eyelashes and no one could love me

Sometimes I am ugly, but I am the most magnificent ugly that the Earth has ever spun around

Because I’m proud of those days with no Suns to raise just darkness, its easier to sleep off.

And Sometimes I Love.

I love so hard that the other person catches it too and we lie in hospital beds together trying to get over this virus before it stops both of our hearts.

The man that likes my name, sat under the stars with me a few nights ago but that’s not why I love him

I love him for everything he is unintentionally, and that is enough.

People have scolded me for my obsession, but what do you say to the water that insists on being wet?

What do you say to the Moon’s addiction to the sky?

It’s too late for me and I want him.

As the earth shook to break the Great body of the Late Mesozoic era

So will I shake until I am able to plaster what was meant to be

Him to me.

But enough about sometimes.

One thing no one knows about me is that deep down…

I’m unpredictable. Always.

I just stole my neighbors tulips right out of her yard and I don’t even have a vase,,,or a flowerpot

I just wanted to smell them on my way to bed.

Talk soon.




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