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Berlin the Terrible


The star strewn sky wept for Veda. A lace of spotted white sparkles, curling into the corners of their constellations, watched as she bit her nails and waited. She waited for the man that parts of her would never be able to live without. The man that terrified her. It was no secret that Berlin was dangerous. Or that he was not welcome in Forthill. A small town always remembered the impact of an earthquake like him.

Once rebuilding and healing had taken place, and people returned to work, friends were discharged from the hospital and life went on, the tremble of the earth still stayed carved in the red and yellow of fear and anger.

New properties sat upon the buried memories like head stones. Children played under the watchful eyes of parents in wait for natures next war call. Families grew larger as friendships formed easier, talk spread faster, communities knit themselves closer. A small town like this never forgot an earthquake, and they would utilize every effort in  preparing for the next one. Veda wasn’t sure if she lived in a town that had those bruises from natural disaster or if she herself was the town and Berlin the disaster. Berlin was not well liked in the county, no. But feared? Sure he was known as a thief, but he had never physically hurt anyone in his wrong doings. He was not friendly or hospitable as was the culture in Forthill. He minded his own business and wanted people to do the same…but feared? The only person she’d ever known to stop breathing and want to peel themselves out of their skin at the sight of him was looking at her in the mirror.


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