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6 Minute Massage

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Warning: spicy explicit content

One touch is enough to rupture.

and The Love is within me. It compels me.

The Love has spikes and tendons, and a wet vagina.

The Love has lived here so long it no longer knows how to articulate itself, so it stares at you uncomfortably. Likes it when you stare back.

I am no stronger against how much I love you

than I was the day you left

and it’s okay.

The Love wants to talk to you for the next 6 years straight without ceasing. It slips through cracks and leaks down walls just to get a whiff

It gets the body to phone you just so it can hear you…know that you really

……you really do exist.

The day she came to you

You gave her a massage

and you have no idea what happened.


The Love felt his hands and immediately thought it was having an orgasm

up, down, left, right, press,

his hands were only on the sore parts of her back , and they were warm

press, down, lower, up

warm enough that they could have been on her thighs and The Love encouraged that.

up, side, side

Soon, The Love imagined those same hands at odds with themselves.

Trying to do the right thing, and stay sliding on the innocent map of her back

but failing happily, and curling around to the twin mounds of her breasts.

her nipples were erect, so erect that they began to ache

and the Love was so pleased with that

that it refused to let her resist it.

press, press, press, down

The Love continued to imagine. It could feel him squeeze her nipples so tight that she would suck in a pinch of air before biting her bottom lip.

he didn’t know any of this.

As the reggae played, and his hands played….The Love played with the mind

Her body started to think itself naked. The red of the walls began to come in closer, and it was then that she realized no amount of displaced focus was going to make her feel clothed at this moment.

the muse was skillful in the art of being so deep inside her psyche that there was no way a cage could lock away this part of the desire

up…side…press, press,

now nude…The Love was having fun.

his full lips found the beginning of her spine,  and the back of her neck was on fire.

he tattooed kiss burns down the length of her back, making some kind of ancient blister art that neither of them understood, but she would keep it forever.

The Love wanted more fire. Wanted to feel that burn further down…and at this point the body was a vessel for pleasure.

As he kneaded, she needed.

“spread your legs” whispered The Love, “so very wet…let him touch you. You know you need this. He needs this”

up, press, side, side

He still didn’t know any of this.

So imagined naked, and burned from his kiss, now lying on her back (in the bedroom she’d not seen but knew was there) she and The Love looked up into his cosmicontinental eyes.

Oh, what light.

what hunger…what passion!…what fear….what longing!

“What will he do to us?” The body wanted to know.

“He’s going to have us like you have always dreamed,” spoke The Love, “he will be gentle, but he will take his fill. He will devour and you will no longer be separate entities. You will swallow him and he will stay there forever. Open your body to this universe in a body.”

The Love was ready for the lust that dripped from every pore on the man’s body. Finally his mouth grazed the tip of her right nipple, then the left, then he bit…

oh my.

His right hand found its way to that wetness, and he reveled in her physical reaction to him. Licking his fingers clean, he went back to her flower for more,  this time, fingers inside and a hand on her chest so she couldn’t sit up

The restraint was too much, he was a DOM! The Love had always thought him a leader

but in the bedroom too? The Love wanted to hold back her feral moans of intensity, but it came in waves and she couldn’t help but cry out. Following the lead of her ragged breath and mews, his mouth replaced his fingers.

“oh spread wider, yes! Let him taste, let him all the way in, this is only the beginning,” The Love couldn’t think straight.

press, up, up, down

in reality the body was lying across the arm of the couch and the man, the muse, ….innocently rubbing the her back…but the body, unbeknownst to the muse

was vibrating.

“grab his head, make him come back up to you. There now, can you taste yourself? Can you taste him? Are you ready?” asked The Love

“I’m ready when you are.” said the body.

The Love and the body simultaneously gasped as he eased the head in , savoring the tightness of her walls. a flower so inviting and moist elicited a low growl from him. enough to warn her to brace herself.

press, down, down, down,

in…. out…. in…out, in deeper…

The bed shook so hard that something fell off the night stand and shattered, the crash only made him go harder. His breath was warm in her ear

“You’re mine.  You’ve always been,  and it’s time I showed you.” he pinned her arms and kissed her so sweetly in contrast to how the rest of his body handled her

she was sent over the edge

“take it baby. I’m here for you now.” The Love responded.

in out in out in out in out

down, down , press, up

in , out , in , out

press press pre—

“I’ve got to get up. that’s enough, I have to get up.”

“I’m sorry, I thought you were enjoying it.”

“I was.”

“are you alright?”

“yes, let’s do something else now”

“okay. well…do you want to have a look at the garden? And please finish the smoothie. You need to eat.”

“Spoken like a true DOM. look at him protecting you. Taking care of you” The Love peeped. The body ignored it this time.

“Yes, lets go to the garden. What are you growing?”

“An edible festival.”














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