​”The Guillotine Hymn”

Separating the head from the thoracic cavity
scraping the frothed up mold from the meat

Severing the heartbeat from inside the rythem

Giving up

Tearing the loincloth from the ugly parts. Unshaved.

Taking  bread from the baby bird. (Sorry, we’re hungry too)

Twisting the tongue out of the cows mouth for dinner, divide bovine from taste,

 dinner from saying grace

Ain’t nobody prayed around here for a long time


don’t tell nobody how we went out like zombies, hanging bodies, or blood baths like red sacrificial waters

There was no honor in this fall

We failed and then we fell

Will you tell them, we dropped of cliffs like silver streamers

Spiraling in beads of light all the way down?

Tell them we created two new holes in the Earth 

where diamonds grew

And we buried ourselves beneath them.

Now sickly, and lived in, but still warm

I let the lesions, scabs, and pustules

Plaster the crysalis of my face

I do not need pretty when my soul chokes up dirt

From it’s lungs.

I will wake up in one thousand years a goddess.

I will wake up, no longer grounded to the flesh

Or the couch, or the thoughts, or the kitchen sink,

The bathroom floor, or even the subtle skyline

I will watch words fall into your lap like a glass of white wine

Built to Collapse

But we will not cry

We will not cry

We will not cry

We will not cry

We will not cry

We will not cry

We will not cry

This time.

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