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Slivers of Clarity in a Cancerous Dream

Mostly I want to have a funeral by the river

All your magic wrapped up in white sheets. …

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Where Are Your Coins, Sis?

I’m a hotMESS! Apparently most millenials with ambition and passion are. We want to do everything now and ANYthing that …

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Self-Care Channel?

Apparently it takes about 2 months for me to storyboard the 26th year of my life. But I …

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The Universe Expansion Pack

Help me experience the resilience of the human spirit rather than the weakness I am used to.

I …

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My First Vape Escape

So I live in panic attack city….aaaaaand it sucks here.

Yesterday I was doing research on the different …

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What Could Make Such a Nice Pretty Girl Go Mad?



He never means to hurt just like little boys don’t mean …

Help! I’m 26, WTF Do I Do!?

1 . Know that you’re not F**king your life up unless you’re knowingly into something you shouldn’t be:  …

Think Of Me As the Train Goes By

Written while listening to that song “Green Grass” by Cibelle


You crackle in …

Smoothie of the Week: Date Night Smoothie

Here is a smoothie that will  leave you minty fresh and MUAH-worthy. Here’s what it’s good for:

Potassium …

Mind Over Medicine

It is very much like having a fishbowl glued to your head. Your vision is filtered by foggy …