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“Monsters: Poetry on How to Bite Back”

Is your past hellbent on tampering with your present? Are there humiliating truths eating away at your insides …

Pain to Love and Love to Leave

Watch me shift 

Look at all this dark made bright light

To …


Awake. alive. old loved. still loved. broken. abandoned. resilient. sacred. whole. determined. beautiful. sacrificial. intelligent. dangerous. healing. strong. black. Time. …

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The Genie that Kicked My ***

Most people would ask you for more wishes.
but I just want time from you.
Turn my arms …

Baby Bun

Bun in my arms.
Rather have one in the oven
Than my uterus.
Bun on the plate, …

The Universal Letter


If I am in over my head, and you are not interested in me any more please …

“When Love is Virginal”

I love you to the edges of every corner of this Earth

My love is a waterbirth

Berlin the Terrible


The star strewn sky wept for Veda. A lace of spotted white sparkles, curling into the corners …

“A Vow of Flood Stains”

He never minds the blood that stains the bed he sleeps in with me. If it should stain.He washes the …

“No Sun Tonight but it Burns”

She sobs until the hallway is wet
Blood clots around the Sun in such a way
that it …