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Legs Up and Push

But I don’t have the urge to push.

When a woman gives birth the body panics.

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The Universe Expansion Pack

Help me experience the resilience of the human spirit rather than the weakness I am used to.

I …

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When it is, most of the time it isn’t.

is it?

when you think …

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There’s a Leak in This Old Building


The last thing my mother said to me before sunset

Was to be …

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There’s too much illness in the New World for Miss Liberty to function. After having led all the captives …

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Learning Ancient Languages

Reaching out is all we have left to remind us our arms are made of connective gold

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Hi, I’m a Supercontinent


I was named after something large that broke into many small things

My …

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I slept on the floor.

Before… I spent all that time purifying myself and ended up naked on our alter. Upon coming …

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Hips That Birthed the Earth (Say Thank You)

If you bite me without saying grace, have you sinned?

What if I decide to take. …


Awake. alive. old loved. still loved. broken. abandoned. resilient. sacred. whole. determined. beautiful. sacrificial. intelligent. dangerous. healing. strong. black. Time. …