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My First Vape Escape

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So I live in panic attack city….aaaaaand it sucks here.

Yesterday I was doing research on the different ways people manage their anxiety and I found this one message board where non-smokers were asking if it was okay for them to start vaping. Most people wanted to do it for social reasons, others wanted to taste all those cool flavors available, but there were four comments I saw that wondered if this was a habit/hobby that could help them manage their pain and anxiety. That was an interesting thought!

A vape is a device meant for people who want to stop smoking cigarettes and wean themselves off nicotine slowly, so the different vape juices are available at various nicotine levels in order to assist with that. Of course some people were like “wtf are you crazy! Why would you want to start a nicotine habit? ” and  “It’s a waste of money if you’re not a smoker trying to stop, period.”

This piqued my curiosity. Surely not everyone who vapes in 2018 is a former smoker trying to get off the stuff, and I highly doubted the only way to try it out was to use Nicotine. It’s a portable vaporizer…there has to be some creative wiggle room with it’s purposes….right? And if there was a chance it could vaporize hard to deal with feelz, it was worth a try.

So I mosied on down  to a local smoke shop and did some investigating. Shout out to Bridgette who was SUCH a big help and didn’t make me feel stupid for my mini interview on hoW tO vApE witHoUt beInG a fOrmER sMokEr lol . download

So yeah, I found out there are nicotine-free juices you can use with your device that will give you flavor without addiction. There are an endless amount of these flavors that will stimulate your palate almost as much as a small desert serving would. Also, with certain accessories, you can vape essential oils (obviously that would help with anxiety). There is a particular juice that I will post about later called CBD (totally non-psychoactive Cannabidoil). In short it is almost for the sole purpose of helping to manage pain and nervousness.

I ended up getting the peppermint, CBD, and Coconut juices. Chatting it up with a few people in the store about their experiences, vaping is so much more than just a means of kicking a habit. For starters, the flavors may make it fun, but the physical motion involved in the act is pretty ZEN. It smells delightful, there is something about watching that curly, incense-like smoke cloud around your face that is helpfully distracting, should you need a break from troublesome worries. IMG-0480

I’ve never smoked anything other than a MONQ (which is awesome as well, but too expensive to not be reusable after it runs out) so my first impressions on this thing was “WOW that smoke is warm!” It hit my throat in the way droplets of really warm tea might feel if they were sprayed directly onto it. I resisted the urge to cough and it smooooooothed out. The white haze erupted from my nostrils and pirouetted around my head as I exhaled.  After a few more, my thoughts were much less jittery/unstoppable.  I LOOOVE my vape and I can’t wait to keep up with this journey

Just so we’re clear: you can definitely vape even if you’ve never smoked before, but if this is the case always get 0mg Nicotine or essential oils (with the appropriate accessories), or ask about the CBD if you think it’s right for you. Above all else, it’s best for beginners to physically go to a shop rather than order one so you get the education you need, you can ask all your questions without having to find the MOST informative YouTuber (which could take hours), and you can watch, up close, the little nuances they do to get the thing set up.

My one warning is that there is so much freaking vocabulary in in the vaping world that you have no idea about yet and you’re going to feel like an actual dipstick. But it’s okay, just listen, learn and read up on it. 

Happy Vaping! <3



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1 Comment
  • TheAwkwardBrownGuy
    March 2, 2018

    Interesting! It is conceivable to me that vaping can – amongst other things – be a crux to manage pain/anxiety/emotions etc. There were actually a couple of vapers when I was doing group therapy at a private hospital last year.

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