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Galentine’s Day…What?! Now Accepting full-time Gal Pal Applications ;)

Okay why am I just now finding out about Galentine’s day!? The 8 year old unofficial holiday (courtesy of that TV show,  “Parks and Recreation”) where gal pals celebrate gal pals. Apparently Target even picked up this trendy holiday  in 2017 and sold merchandise in honor of it!

As someone navigating this cold, harsh tundra of building meaningful relationships post college, and well into the mid-twenties, let me be the first to say that once I acquire the gaggle of girlfriends I so desire, WE ARE GOING ALL OUT for this holiday. I’m talking traditions as important as Sunday dinner at your granny’s house. Big Rockerfeller Christmas Day-esque celebrations! And shenanigans that would put April fools to shame.


What would the perfect Galentine’s Day look like?c4ab8610036064554d25ad91b5cdbbac


  • Glitter glitter and More Glitter! 

Ladies taking part in my celebration will feel like princesses all day at work, school , or as they carryout their homemaker duties. The dress code of the day is something with glitter. It could be anything from lipgloss, nail polish or highlight to a store bought or handmade tiara with rhinestones! If my girls are able to dress in whatever  they please all day, I would encourage doing the most! Streamers in your hair, and glitzy outfits that drip with slayage. I’d expect us all to submit Instagram pics with hashtag GalentineGlam. Your submission is your RSVP to the funtivities that will haunt the night beneath our heels.


  • Broke and Bougie: 

So yeah, me and most ladies I spend time with are still in this awkward stage of life where we’re working, bill-paying, well adjusted adults, but we still haven’t quite found our places in the world. This world that expects us to figure it all out after hitting 25, especially if we’ve got a degree. Well, right now we are a festival of flight attendants, call center agents, receptionists, and waitresses and that’s just fine. Not great, but fine for now! We’ll forget our adulting anxiety for one sacred night, and we will bask in budgeted bourgeoisie activities! DIY Makeovers, home spa, homemade smoothie fest (I’ve got all the stuff at my place), or mini YouTube yoga class.  Anything to make us feel pretty and polished for the night of debauchery ahead! 😈😈😈


  • Fab Feast: 

Okay we can save money on the pampering and spa treatments, but we gotta eat sis! We will feast and drink like champions at a place that has the following: Happy Hour, cheesecake, wings, burgers, pastas, pizza, and ambiance. And I’m going to need our booth to have one of those little fake votive candles you get from the dollar store for those cheap-assed banquets. (We won’t worry if they don’t have those, I’ll bring some for backup) It’s here where the designated driver will be selected. There’s always that one in the group who either just stopped drinking or is watching her intake of empty calories. Not I.15ccb50f61a7c4349e34a536bf539b28


  • “Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night” 

Any Bob’s Burgers fan’s out there? If you haven’t seen the episode where cartoon dad, Bob Belcher, paints the town red with his yellow cab and a group of cross dressers, you haven’t heard the song this title alludes to and you need to mosey on over and listen to it on YouTube! LOL we would let loose like the song! Which clubs y’all tryna to hit? How far can we walk around in the warm city light before we have to put on our emergency flats? How many bystanders can we entice and push to salivation? We will twerk the night away in at least 4 different places: two clubs, a bar, and a lounge. We can’t leave until we’ve danced to “Motorsport,” “Plain Jane,” and “No Limit” at least two times each!


  • Petty Gang Incorporated

It’s the part of the night when we’re nice and tipsy, ready to drink some water and slip into some PJs. We’ll get together at the Galentine’s headquarters (one of our houses) and curl up in the living room for the petty portion of the evening. Why do our men deserve to be slapped. What did that triflin’ hussy at work do? Your ex talks to WHO now?! A good old fashioned gossip gathering and airing out the bugs of the new year so far. At the end of the sh*t talk, possible tears, and gut crunching laughter we’ll listen to SZA and toss around the pink, gold, and white balloons that decorate the living room.   09df5cddaa30b7532540ae98d4379eb2


Obviously since this awe-inspiring holiday is new to me, I’ll need some time to gather girlfriends and prepare before I can successfully execute this lovely celebration.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be exquisite AF.

Drop a cool Galentine’s day idea in the comments. We’ve got to be ready for this next year!






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