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Apathy 1/10

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The shriek of your indifference

Carves these lovely, unfillable holes.

I could fall all night without sleep.


the body is mostly water,

Some salt

Lots of weak noises.


The body is mostly cry

And cry is mostly prayer

And prayer is mostly made of soul-voice.


You help my soul, find a voice

Sad and jazzy like a Toni Morrison notebook


you are not pillow mist.


More like sun in a spray bottle

your rays got too much heat and cancer

to spritz a bed for dreams


You More like brick dust

More like coal melted down to volcano spit,

More like thorn-dripped blood

Iron and aluminum crushed between teeth.

You talons on blackboard.


Comfort don’t come natural as logic

To u.

you like to sleep til I don’t trip no more

But I’m trippin into the night baby

Trippin til sunlight

Trippin into those holes

and I’m not pretty that low.

Don’t you know

this love is a scar? Don’t you know nothin

About flesh tearin’, infectin,

Leakin for gauze?


Why the hell is it so hard for you

To be a pillow to bleed into?

Or the mist that sweetens

The smell of open sores…


Just this once?


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