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Love me towards the sands of time

And bathe me in the waters of the earth

We were made for this

Grab me like a drunken bouncer and hold on for dear life

Wrap your body firm

Ribs, striped and stretched towards healing

Around my skeleton

Quick and quiet like

Impulse and fury

Like freedom and undo

Untying limbs and breaking hymns

I want you litany

Like breathing like bearing leaves and longing

I want you spring time

Earthly delights spread red like poppies and apples we’re not supposed to eat

I want you weak and nimble against my stars

I am the night I want you bright

And pale like the moon god…pleading for color and the sun

I want you hot. Mr. Fire phoenix and Horus

Peek your eye this way

Learn me how to burn like freedoms fire dance

Call me dragon

You be draggin poems and sh** outta me kicking and screaming

Forcing me into literary spasms


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  • sehrish
    December 24, 2016

    And the heights of desire always surprise me nevertheless, amazing poetry.

    • jswiftbooks
      December 31, 2016

      so true, the heights are limitless! Thank you so much for reading :)) and happy holidays!

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